Resilient, Insulated Roofs with Concrete


INSUL-DECK Roofs are structurally superior to traditional wood-truss roofs because of much higher strength of reinforced concrete. They can be designed and built to withstand extremely high winds and the impact of most flying debris in hurricanes and tornadoes. An INSUL-DECK Roof combined with concrete walls basically resembles a bunker – made cozy with great insulation. The reinforced concrete also provides high Fire Resistance Ratings (using ACI 216.1) and very long lifespans.


Research has shown that a large portion of the energy loss in a typical building is literally “through the roof”, leading to unnecessarily high heating and cooling bills. With INSUL-DECK roofs, the insulation is built-in, continuous, and not subject to uneven installation, and air-infiltration approaches zero, resulting in a significant reduction in energy loss and utility bills.


The combination of airtightness, insulation, thermal mass, and strength of INSUL-DECK roofs provide amazing thermal comfort and the feeling of the strength of a cozy castle. The excellent sound deadening properties of concrete roofs can help to quiet your indoor environment by greatly reducing airborne noise transmission.

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