Insulated Tilt-Up Walls

Designed to be the fastest method for building insulated concrete tilt-up walls, Tilt-Deck™ saves builders time, labor and money in the forming, tilt-up and finishing steps. The Tilt-Deck™ system is made of lightweight, self-supporting, expanded polystyrene forms, which can be moved and placed quickly by hand. Designed for commercial building projects using tilt-up walls, each project is pre-engineered and panels are delivered pre-labeled for efficient placement and assembly.

The Fastest Forming System for Insulated Tilt-up Walls

Tailor-made panels for all wall heights:

Tilt-Deck™ panels come pre-cut and labeled for quick and easy placement.

  • Reinforced design
  • Reduced weight
  • Easier lifting, incl. single-point

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Patented Process: Self-supporting panels with metal Furring Strips

Any type of finish can be mechanically attached to the integral steel furring strips with screws (Furring Strips extended for clarity). Because the panels are self-supporting, the casting beds don’t need to be perfectly even. With no bond-breakers needed, the tilting operation is also much less risky.

Tilt-Up Concrete Walls for Office Building

  • Location: Southern Ohio
  • Size: 130,000 Sq. Ft.; Heights up to 21 feet
  • Description:  Tilt-Deck contributed significantly to speeding  up the construction of this mixed-use medical office complex