Insulated Tilt-Up Walls

Designed to be the fastest method available for building a concrete tilt-up structure, Tilt-Deck® saves builders time, labor and money in the forming, tilt-up and finishing steps. The Tilt-Deck® system is made of lightweight, self-supporting, expanded polystyrene forms, which can be moved and placed quickly by hand. Designed for commercial building projects using tilt-wall applications, each project is pre-engineered and panels are delivered pre-labeled for efficient placement and assembly.

The Fastest Forming System for Insulated Tilt-up Walls

Tailor-made or standard panels for all wall heights:

Tilt-Deck panels come pre-cut and labeled for quick and easy placement.

  • Reinforced design
  • Reduced weight
  • Single point lifting

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Patented Process: Self-supporting, Steel Beams and Furring Strips:

Any type of finish can be mechanically attached to the integral steel furring strips with screws (Furring Strips extended for clarity).

Patented Process: Integrated Utility Chases:

Utilities are easier to install in pre-molded access chases (or channels). The Expanded Polystyrene can be easily removed, if needed, to allow for larger utility runs.

Lakeside TILT-UP Home

“We feel that we have a completely airtight building envelope and are confident that the thermal mass of the concrete walls will aid significantly in reducing our cooling and heating costs.” – Owner of this Lakeside Home in British Columbia