Insulated T-beam Slab Concrete Pour

Concrete pour on INSUL-DECK Insulating Concrete Forms for Floors & Roofs for truly comfortable, durable, resilient, and sustainable buildings. INSUL-DECK allows fast and low-labor forming plus insulating of cast-in-place, reinforced concrete, one way suspended slabs.

Getting it ready

ICFs for Floor & Roof construction are ready for the concrete pour:

  • Temporary Shoring support every 4-6ft with Insul-Deck on top (no stringers, plywood, nor bond-breakers)
  • Rebar, other formwork & falsework installed, checked and documented
  • Site safety and accessibility ensured, crews, concrete & equipment lined up
  • Pour, vibrate, finish concrete
  • Shoring removed 4 weeks later, or 2-3 weeks later with engineer’s permission
  • Apply finishes (e.g. drywall screwed to Insul-Deck metal)
Three Construction Steps