Insulated Concrete Floors

INSUL-DECK was created to fill the need for strong, insulated floors that are fast and easy to install.  With the high cost of energy & labor and an increasing demand for improving the indoor environmental quality, INSUL-DECK offers a unique and cost-effective solution for your commercial and residential construction needs. This strong system can be used in place of traditional floors, but with many added benefits.  You can easily achieve upto 33′ clear spans with regular reinforcing steel and concrete and more with special techniques, such as EPS Top Hats or Post-Tensioning. INSUL-DECK also makes is easy to add radiant heating for even higher comfort.


One of the unique characteristics is the continuity of insulation with the tongue and groove connection between the INSUL-DECK panels. The insulation value is built-in and not subject to the skill of the installers. Insulation R-Values range from R-18 to R-40 between joists and everything becomes completely airtight after the concrete is poured.


The combination of airtightness, insulation, thermal mass, and strength of INSUL-DECK floors provide amazing thermal comfort and the feeling of the strength of a cozy castle. The excellent airborne sound absorption properties of INSUL-DECK floors can help to quiet your indoor environment by reducing noise transmission.


When my wife and I started our design, our builder suggested that we look at your product. He felt that the Insul-Deck product would fit well with the large spans required for our open-concept home. After checking out your web site, we quickly realized the benefits of using your system. It was a good fit with our hydronic, in-floor, radiant heating system as well.”  – INSUL-DECK Home Owner
Safely Carry Loads and Maintain Structural Integrity

Achieve Design Objectives

INSUL-DECK forms one-way suspended CIP concrete slabs, where the “joists” only run in one direction, not two like a conventional concrete slab. This eliminates up to nearly half of the reinforcing steel, because the load is transferred mainly to two supporting elements (e.g. walls), not four. It also eliminates up to 40 percent of the weight of the floor or roof. This means that supporting elements can be smaller as well. You still get a structure with clear spans of over 30 feet supporting normal residential floor loads.

Easily Increase Spans

Intermediate supporting beams can be positioned perpendicularly to the joists to carry loads across clear spanned areas. These beams can be either separate from the slab structure, but usually are cast-in-place as part of the slab structure like the diagram here. Longer spans can be created by using EPS Top Hats or with post-tensioning in the bottom of the joists instead of conventional rebar. Span tables for both conventional and post-tensioned reinforcing are available for your use in estimating your project. However, a licensed engineer will need to stamp the drawings prior to submission to the building department.

INSUL-DECK with Stirrups
Increase Spans
Save Money with Reduced Shoring & Labor

INSUL-DECK requires only primary shoring beams for support – no stringers and plywood with chemicals needs to be installed or stripped. The molded-in metal strips mean that less shoring is required, usually every 4-6′ [1.2-1.8m] and perpendicular to INSUL-DECK Panels. First and last shoring beams must start at maximum 6″ [150mm] from panel ends.