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Net Zero, Fireproof Residence in Santa Rosa, CA Wins ICF Builder Award

Net-Zero Fireproof Home
The 5,000 square foot home in fire-devastated Santa Rosa, CA was built to be fireproof and Net-Zero using INSUL-DECK for floors and roof. Unique features include a Rooftop deck with 360-degree view, solar panels on the roof skirt, along with geothermal energy to achieve Net-Zero when combined with the 100%-ICF building shell.
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Five-Story Townhomes in Brooklyn Win ICF Builder Award

Sustainable Townhome Luxury
The 38,000 square foot Townhomes in Brooklyn, NY used INSUL-DECK floors with integral radiant heating. Lots of natural light is complemented by all-LED lighting, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) mechanical systems, electric ranges, and all the benefits of 100%-ICF construction for sustainable luxury-living.
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Super-efficient & Quiet Car-Wash Wins ICF Builder Award

Car-Wash Building thats Quiet and Efficient
The 6,400 square foot Future Xpress car-wash in Rohnert Park, CA was built with 100%-ICF to be very soundproof and energy-efficient. With INSUL-DECK floor and roof on ICF walls and geothermal, recycled water, and heat-recovery systems its operating costs will be extremely low for decades to come.
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INSUL-DECK Home in Lake Havasu City, Arizona Wins PCA Resilience Leadership Award

Lake Havasu
The 4,100 square foot complete-ICF home in Lake Havasu City, Az., was built to be solid from top to bottom. With its modern architectural style, the builder was able to incorporate INSUL-DECK leave-in-place EPS forms for the roof.
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Home with Curved Concrete Roofs Wins ICF Builder Award

Curved Concrete Roofs
The 6,000 square foot home in Steamboat Springs, CO used INSUL-DECK for curved roofs at 38′ span. Its 100%-ICF construction along with many additional efficiency features made cozy and sustainable living-comfort possible in one of the coldest climate zones in the US.

30,000 sqft Coastal Home with INSUL-DECK Floors Wins Best in Class Unlimited Residential ICF Builder Award

Custom Marvel
Using Insul-Deck floors, one of the most remarkable ICF homes in North America is designed to be hurricane proof. Even the floor-to-ceiling glass windows can withstand 160 mph winds. Geothermal HVAC and the sheer complexity and grandiosity of the home make this one a marvel in the industry.
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Custom Home with 10,000 sqft of INSUL-DECK Flooring Wins Best in Class Unlimited Residential ICF Builder Award

Janacek Residence
With 15,600 sq. ft. of indoor space on six levels and an octagonal tower rising more than 70 feet above the footers, it is truly a milestone project.
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