Benefits of Building with INSUL-DECK

Home Owners and Building Operators
  • Minimized air infiltration leads to fewer allergens, improved indoor air quality, and no drafts or cold spots. High Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings reduce the noise. A cozy, healthy, and peaceful indoor environment is made easy with INSUL-DECK, which also is perfect for in-floor radiant heating.
  • INSUL-DECK Roofs and Floors can be built to withstand tornado-level winds, the impact of flying debris, and fires. Elevated buildings are easily constructed with INSUL-DECK raised slabs to minimize or eliminate flood damage. Resilient buildings keep occupants and property safe.
  • Resilient construction can reduce insurance costs by incredible amounts in many areas and elevated buildings also qualify for lower flood insurance premiums. And in wood frame homes, a large portion of the energy escapes through roofs. INSUL-DECK stops energy leakage to significantly reduce the HVAC sizing requirements and energy bills.
  • INSUL-DECK buildings offer the durability of reinforced concrete - measured in centuries instead of decades - with no risk of rotting like wood. INSUL-DECK is made from inert materials that are not a food source for insects and don't support the growth of mold or mildew. Remediation of water damage is much less than...

Build with INSUL-DECK

Architects and Contractors
  • INSUL-DECK Panels are lightweight and pre-cut at the factory to your exact specifications. Utility chases and steel furring strips are built-in. The self-reinforced forms require temporary shoring only every 4-6'. Fast build-times reduce financing costs.
  • Available in 7 manufactured thicknesses of 7" to 12½", up to 33' clear spans are possible (with typical residential live-loads). INSUL-DECK panels can be easily modified to exact needs on-site. INSUL-DECK is designed to integrate easily with any concrete wall system and is a popular choice for completing ICF wall building shells.
  • INSUL-DECK saves on labor (MHR of 0.04-0.06 are common) and uses upto 50% less concrete & 33% less steel compared to traditional concrete slabs. And by reducing the mass of the structure, costs for supporting elements are lower.
  • Reinforced Concrete is strong enough for bunkers and all your resiliency requirements. Due to the insulating, thermal mass, and low air-infiltration properties, INSUL-DECK structures easily meet many energy-efficiency program requirements and are ideal for Net Zero and Green Roofs. Inert materials keep occupants healthy for the lifetime of the building.

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